Top 10 tips for living a happier life

1) Control your mind or it will control you.

The mind is the most powerful organ we possess and if utilised correctly, it can bring you amazing results. Most people live their life like somnambulists and do as they’re told but you always have a choice in life. Don’t be like them. Control what you feed the mind and protect it from the negativity you encounter.

2) Always give before you receive.

This rule is fundamental in your life because in every situation, somebody has to take the lead and you should make it a rule that it should be you. This shows that you care, displays confidence and leadership qualities and is a fantastic way to make new friends. It will also make you feel great because there is so much value in giving to others.

3) Stop self-castigation.

You are always going to encounter many people in your lifetime who will have bad or horrible things to say but there is no need for you to talk negatively or to punish yourself severely. We all make mistakes and must learn from them so empower yourself by using positive self-talk which will make you feel happier and more positive.

4) Exercise.

The body needs daily exercise so even if you go for a brisk walk, practice yoga or do jumping jacks, you will feel energised, invigorated and will release endorphins. Your body is the vehicle you will use for the rest of your life to move around with, so it makes sense to treat it well and to keep it in shape. Lack of movement will slowly corrode your health and will lead to all sorts of ailments.

5) Stop watching the telly.

Avoid the scaremongering, bad news and marketing you are subjected to every time you turn on the telly. Use this time to read, exercise, go for a walk or do something productive with your time. If you can reduce the time you spend watching TV you will begin to take back control of your life.

6) Observe your thoughts.

We have thousands of them a day and there is a message in all of them. The more awareness you build, the better you will understand what is going on in your head. Not everything we think of is relevant but you need to understand what is and what isn’t. This takes practice but once you learn how to do this your life and actions will change radically.

7) Be courageous.

If you have any fears, the best thing you can do is face them because a fear is only a limiting belief you have developed in your mind. Confronting a fear is how courage is developed and this will help you build belief and confidence and you will begin to see that the world is a nicer place to live in when you are courageous and not fearful.

8) Embrace silence.

Have some time during the day when you are alone and sitting in silence. This will allow you to relax and observe your mind because in the fast paced world we reside in we all need some “me” time when the brain can switch off. Silence is often the time when your best ideas will come to you.

9) Stop worrying.

Wisdom and experience show that you will upset someone with your actions therefore you cannot keep everyone happy all the time. You must recognise this and then always follow your own beliefs and do what pleases you. If you are worrying about what others think of you then you will never be or do what you are capable of doing.

10) Your life lacks direction not time.

We all have 24 hours a day which means we are all equal in that respect and nobody has an unfair advantage. How you spend that time is entirely up to you but with direction in life, you can maximise that time productively instead of wasting it and then complaining about your life. Nobody knows how much of it they have left and time spent well is a game changer so make the best use of it. 

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