Time to change the 'recipe' with NLP life coaching!

Are you still using your old 'recipe' of thinking? If so read on:


NLP coaching is now used in business, sales, life coaching, teaching, health and sport to help people to achieve excellence.

But what is NLP? Have you ever wondered about what these initials stand for?

N – represents our neurology how we think and process information

L – represents our language (linguistics), how we communicate with others both verbally and through body language.

P – stands for our patterns of behaviour or programmes that we run unconsciously.

Back in the 1960’s, the co-founders of NLP John Grinder and Richard Bandler were busy studying eminent psychologists such as Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, who were excellent at communicating with their clients.  

Bandler and Grinder wanted to know what made their techniques specifically, achieve such excellent results with their clients. What was it that they were doing? How did they communicate with their clients? What were the strategies they were using? And how did they influence them to make the necessary changes? From this information, they developed a set of life coaching techniques used to achieve excellence (NLP). A bit like making a cake – what is the recipe that makes that cake excellent?

We rarely think about how we achieve our goals in life and sometimes we need extra tuition, a new 'recipe' to help us to achieve our goals. We use our minds, our bodies and our senses to think and make sense of our own experiences. The more awareness we have of our thinking patterns, the more flexible we become and the more influence we have over our life.

We gather and process information through our senses, which determine our thoughts, behaviours and action. By increasing our awareness, we can learn how these thought patterns influence the results we get in our relationships, business and life.

Our personal success relies largely on the way that we communicate with others, what we say and how we say it will make all the difference. We communicate with others through our language both verbally (the words we use, the tonality of our voice) and non-verbally through body language (our behaviours and actions) either positively or with self-defeating behaviours.

We can choose to use language that will inspire and engage people, or language that will leave people cold and disinterested. The richer our language, the richer we feel and the more effective we are in communicating and achieving our goals.

If you are stuck and your present way of thinking and behaviours are holding you back from achieving your goals, then it is time to update that 'recipe'. NLP coaching with it’s unique and simple techniques will enable you to realise a positive future by helping you to change your old negative patterns of thinking and start producing the results that you deserve.

So now you know how powerful (NLP) can be what would stop you from baking a ‘new cake’?

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Walton-On-The-Hill, Surrey, KT20 7UH
Written by Alma Griffith, Transformational Life, Business and Health Coach
Walton-On-The-Hill, Surrey, KT20 7UH

Alma has been on her own journey of change since experiencing her personal 'breakthrough' using NLP, she now has a different set of beliefs that empower her to achieve the life she wants. Read her journey on her Life Coach Directory profile. She combines her NLP skills with nutrition to help others improve their thinking and health.

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