Time is life!

You may have always been told that time is money, but this is wrong. It isn’t. If you think about it you can always get more money by working overtime, doing odd jobs, even borrowing it. But you can’t ever get more time. Once time is spent it is gone forever.

Our son, Penry, was 15 this week and time-wise it seems like a few minutes since the day he was born. I wondered how all that time has gone by so quickly, and remembered all the occasions when I have deferred giving him my time and attention. Well - I didn’t go through ALL of them, because after thinking of a few I decided I needed to make changes and stop myself saying, “I’ll be with you in a few minutes”. These few minutes invariably extend to a few hours, or even days, and I find I have spent time doing ‘stuff’, which appeared more important than giving time to Penry.

I find that a very valuable tool to use to give myself more time is to focus. By focusing our energy on one thing we will get more from it.

Yesterday I shifted my focus from the job I was doing, on which I needed to spend a ‘few more minutes’, to Penry, and spending that time with him. As a result different avenues opened up and we spent quality time together as well as helped each other with homework and chores.

For you it may be that you need more time for work, for rest, or for holiday. Whatever it is, change your focus and you will find that a number of new options will present themselves. Don’t zoom in on just the small pieces of the jigsaw, focus on the big picture of what you want to achieve, and you will find you manage your time better. How you then spend that time is up to you!

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