Three ways to have a great day!

Do you take responsibility for whether you have a good day or a bad day? Or do you leave it down to chance? Unfortunately, most of us would admit to being at the mercy of external events when it comes down to what kind of day we have. A meeting at work goes well? Fantastic, we are happy. Traffic has made us late for an appointment? Our day is ruined! The good news is that it doesn't have to be like that. There are a number ways to take control and start increasing our ratio of good to bad days.

Here are my top three tips for having a great day!

1. Plan your great day the night before

Have a nightly ritual - think back over your day and identify things for which you can be grateful. They can be huge things like a new job or small, simple things like the sun eventually coming out! Next, identify one thing you have learned from the day. Progress is all about learning and developing so this is a really important step. And if something does not go so well but you manage to learn and grow from it - then that 'failure' can be transformed into a hugely positive experience.

Finally, plan what you are going to enjoy the following day. Visualise things going well and think about how much fun you are going to have. If nothing particular springs to mind, then decide to make time for something enjoyable: a catch up with a friend, reading the next chapter of a book... choose to take a little time for yourself and the things that make you happy instead of leaving everything to chance. 

2. Wake up and remind yourself of your plan

In the morning, take a moment to remind yourself of the good things that are lying in store later in the day. (You can do this while having breakfast or in the shower, again, it doesn't need to take a long time!).  

3. 'Motion creates emotion' 

Once we realise we can control our emotions then we can take steps to ensure we are in the best possible frame of mind. So, blast some great music guaranteed to get you feeling positive and get moving to make sure you are fully awake and feeling fabulous. 

Now it's over to you. Do you want to leave your emotions to chance or are you going to take steps to make sure you have a great day? 

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