Three reasons why perfectionism keeps you stuck

Reason 1: Perfectionism mindset holds you back from taking on challenges that help you learn and grow, the two things you need to do in order to be successful.

Trying to be perfect all the time keeps you from throwing yourself into new challenges and discovering who you are. Perfectionism keeps your focus on avoiding mistakes instead of helping you move forward towards your goals. By keeping you away from a playful attitude to learning it hinders your progression at work and in life in general. Think of how many times you wish to try something new or do something and then you end up not doing it for of not doing it perfectly. In actual fact in order to improve we need to make mistakes because this is the key to learning.

Reason 2: By focusing on perfection our performance suffers.

Instead of helping you focus on something positive and forward moving, perfectionism keeps you stuck because all it does is keep you focused on you making a mistake, which is what you want to avoid at all costs. If your concentration is fixed on how to avoid mistakes all your mind is focused on is exactly on the things you want to avoid. Overcoming perfectionism helps you to engage freely in non-critical performance and this makes you much more likely to succeed because your focus is on "doing".

Reason 3: Perfectionism makes us unhappy

Trying to be perfect all the time keeps you in a constant state of self-judgment, making you more prone to depression and anxiety. Overcoming perfectionism increases the level of joy in your life, which is a success in itself.

Life NLP coaching helps you ditch perfectionism without compromising on performance with a variety of skills and techniques so that you will finally reach your goals and be happy.

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