The secret of attraction

Have you ever wondered what makes some people so attractive, even though they might not even be "classified" as extremely "beautiful" or "handsome"? 

Have you ever wondered why some people have this certain energy about them and are radiant for no apparent reason?

So, what is the secret of attraction?

The secret of attraction is to simply be yourself. To love and accept yourself as you are.

This is true, whether it is in business, private or romantic life.

Living from a place of love, acceptance and peace is way more attractive than you constantly trying to impress others by acquiring things or trying to be someone you are not.

When you love and accept yourself as you are, and you allow yourself to just be yourself, you are coming from a place of abundance. This will radiate outwards and I guarantee you others will feel that and it will draw them towards you. People will want to hang out with you, they will want to date you and they will want to work with you.

Now, how can you tap into this power of self-love and self-acceptance? There are three very simple practices you can adapt into your life right now that will create radical shifts for you.

Say thank you

Say thank you universe/source/higher power/God for making me just as I am.

Affirm yourself

Look at your positive and negative qualities and say: This is who I am and I love myself just like this.


To receive love we must give love. Love grows on the basis of giving. Give love to ourselves and others. Be loving and love will grow stronger within you, which again will radiate outwards and you will be more attractive to everyone around you.

When you can accept yourself as you are including your flaws and imperfections, you can accept others more as well and all your relationships will improve. When you let go of judgment you will know peace.

And once again, when you come from a place of love, peace and acceptance, you will radiate self-love and that is the secret to attraction.

I hope this article serves you and if you like it, please make sure to share the message with those around you, who might benefit of it. 

With love, 

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