The Relationship Between Money, Happiness and Goals

Have you ever thought to yourself: I'll be happy when I’m wealthy?

Many people do believe that happiness is the result of wealth.

There is some logic in this, since when we have more financial freedom, it can give us more choices. On the other hand, more choices doesn't necessarily, and doesn't automatically, make us happy, or happier.

So, if money doesn't make us happy, what could be the main contributor to our happiness?

Happiness is about being fulfilled; it's about feeling good from within. That is why even when we have more money, when we have been able to buy the things we want – the products, the services, the holidays, and so on - after that initial purchase and the momentarily good or excited feeling we tend to default to whatever we were feeling before; this does mean that if you were not happy before you went shopping you’re highly likely to go back to not being happy after the shopping!

What does seem to give people a sense of fulfilment and therefore the feeling of happiness, is having a goal, a purpose, a raison d'être. In other words, having something to wake up for, to get up for, to strive towards.

People tend to find that, when they are working on a goal, they feel purposeful, useful, and of value or valued – this can be either in our own mind or by others. This is much more likely to make us feel good, to give us that happy feeling.

Yes, money is a very useful resource and yet there are many people who have lots of money who are not happy.

Whereas, having purpose, goals, reason for being, makes us feel good, valued and as a result, much happier.

What would make you truly feel happy, over and above having more money, what do you believe would give you that feeling of fulfilment?

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Written by Natalie Dee, Life Coach London, BSW, NLP, EFT
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