The Power of Questions

Have you ever stopped to think about the questions you ask yourself? 

Have you ever wondered why and where negative emotions come from and how they can sometimes just pop into your head from nowhere?

Every thought we have is from a question we ask ourselves. Think about it!  Every thought is a question and if that question is negative it generates an equally negative thought.  Those thoughts turn into emotions which in turn affect our state of mind, our behaviour and our actions.  All this from a question you asked yourself! 

Most of us ask ourselves questions all day long and don't even realise.  If you take the time to review these questions you’ll understand why you feel the way you do.

So, if you want to feel good and get yourself into a positive state of mind - ask positive questions, and you’ll change your thoughts and emotions.  You’ll also see positive changes in how others respond, react and interact with you. 

So instead of saying “What sort of day have I had?”  Ask yourself “What’s been great about today?”

Happy Questioning and remember Invest in You & Your Career.    

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