The Power of Positive Action

Sad, lonely, frustrated, bored, angry, isolated, stuck, lost, low. If any of these words resonate with you, it’s certainly time to explore ways to turn things around.

Take a moment to consider how you would like to feel instead. Choose a favourite: happy, content, excited, fulfilled, joyful, motivated, focused, belonging, enthusiastic or one of your own.

OK, so here’s a question. What would it take to get there? Write it down. Perhaps that’s your goal, your desired choice. Take a few moments more to enjoy that success, that vision. But as a first step, choose just one thing you could actively do to take you from unhappy to happy. One thing only. It’s actually often easier than you think.

Here are some ideas. Could you phone a friend and arrange to meet up? Invite someone over for coffee? Go for a walk, a trip to the gym, a swim? What about being creative – draw something or have fun colouring in? Sing in the bath or dance along to your favourite CD? How about fixing that thing that’s been broken for too long or tidying an area in your house to get a sense of order? Drink some water, make a healthy dinner, eat some nice things; nuts and seeds, fruit and vegetables. Do a good deed for a neighbour or sit quietly reflecting on the positive things in your life? Laugh at your funniest film or DVD, visit a gallery or museum? Choose what makes your heart sing. Small steps to change your mood.

Beyond that, what could you do to feel better regularly? Find activities, people and places that you love, keep a journal of the good times. Never underestimate the power of positive action.

If you just can’t move forward at all however, perhaps it’s time to seek professional help; a coach, your GP, therapy or counselling. Or talk to a trusted friend. Don’t suffer alone. Choose to smile.

A positive journey lies ahead. Here's to your success.

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