The power of imagination

Is imagination really necessary for achieving your goals? I’ve always found it to be a success both personally and professionally, but now it has been scientifically proven!

Scientists at Harvard Medical School have actually discovered that the power of imagination genuinely alters the functionality and physical structure of our brains.

A relatively small study took place in the Lab at Harvard Medical School where volunteers, under the watchful observation of neuroscientist Alvaro Pascual-Leone, took part in a rather remarkable little experiment.

The volunteers were each instructed to practice five-finger piano exercises, playing them fluidly for two hours a day for five days. The volunteers were observed and tested throughout this time to see what happens to the cortex of the brain.

After the five days, the volunteers were split into two groups; the first group carried on as normal, practising their piano exercises able to see the piano and hear the music they were creating. The second group had to use their imaginations. The latter group needed to play their simple piece of music in their heads, focusing on imagining the sounds, the sight of the piano and the movement their hands would make.

The results were quite astounding; the same effect on was had on the brain’s motor cortex throughout the process, for those who really and physically played as those who had simply imagined it.

Combining coaching with guided visualisation can result in powerful and transformational sessions. The client is generally left with a deep sense of empowerment and wonderment. In particular, guided visualisation techniques that connect to Quantum field emphasise the power of the client’s imagination, and that powerful bond that exists between energy and imagination.  

Visualisation practices are so important in forging new neural pathways through our brains. Neuroscience has proven that the more your mind imagines and the more your mind visualises these pathways grow stronger, allowing for permanent changes in your life.

The statement "Anything can happen if you put your mind to it" is true enough in this case. The more you imagine and believe something, the more real it becomes in your brain. You form a new way of being as the neural pathway grows stronger, weakening the old pattern of behaviour and making the new, positive behaviour stronger until it actually becomes your natural default setting.

If you imagine yourself at peace, or in complete happiness, your brain will eventually believe it too. If you imagine peace in your heart, after a while you will really feel it. It actually happens - your imagination, with its strong link to energy, will direct itself to that part of your body and it will activate the once dormant inner piece.

The more you practice this in your daily life, the easier and more effective your transformation will be.

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