The power of happiness

Your innate purpose is to enjoy life as best you can by being happy.

How you look at life determines how you control your own happiness.

Your life is a direct reflection of your thoughts, so if you desire a happy life keep your thoughts happy.

If you think your life should be happy and peaceful - it will be. If you believe you are a happy person - you will be.

However, if you think you get what you want by moaning and complaining, you will only be satisfied when you are moaning and complaining. But, it won’t necessarily make you happy. If you think you get what you want by criticising others, you will only be satisfied when you are criticising others but, again, it won’t necessarily make you happy.

Why be satisfied being negative, when you can be happy being positive? The same amount of energy is used for both, but doesn’t being happy feel so much better?

Rather than waste energy being negative about what you don’t want, be positive about what you really desire. Instead of complaining about what is wrong, focus your positive energy into finding a solution and doing what is right. Focus on the positive to make things better for yourself and others.

If you believe your life is controlled by how others treat you, then your happiness will be restricted to how you react to others. You and only you control your life, so you and only you can control your happiness.

If you change the way you react to others, you may be surprised by how happy you can feel.

Happiness comes from within, and everyone has the choice to be happy or not. Only you can control the way you feel and the choices you have. Therefore, if you want to be happy then just decide to be happy and stay happy.

  • Instead of being miserable – be happy.
  • Instead of criticising others – be happy about yourself.
  • Instead of being jealous of what others have – be happy and grateful for what you have right now.
  • Instead of feeling sad, upset or anxious – be happy and confident that things will get better.
  • Instead of being angry – be happy and remain calm.
  • Instead of showing resentment – show happiness and forgiveness.
  • Instead of worrying about things beyond your control – be happy and positive about what you know you can achieve.

To put it simply – choose to be happy and you will be happy.

What if you’re not feeling happy? That’s easy. You simply reach for the positive thought that will make you feel happy. In any situation of unhappiness, all you need to do is reach for the thought that will make you feel happy. Happiness is, after all, just a feeling created by your own thoughts.

If it feels better to be happy and positive than it does to be sad and negative, why isn’t everyone in the world happy and positive? Whatever reason you come up with is your belief? But you can change that belief and make the world happier and more positive by spreading happiness. Happiness is an unstoppable power within you. To unlock that power, you just need to use the power of happiness.

If you want to stay happy - think happy thoughts, act happy, be happy, talk happiness and spread happiness to others. Happiness is easily spread, by smiling at everyone you meet. Happiness is the instant cure for sadness.

You can make a difference today. Use the power of happiness to spread happiness today and everyday.

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Birmingham, West Midlands, B43
Written by Mark Beckles, Infinite Aspirations
Birmingham, West Midlands, B43

Hi, my name is Mark. I'm a Personal Aspirations Coach, and I specialise in inspiring people to realise their true potential. What would YOU like to achieve?I can help you to discover what you really want from life, and I will empower you with unstoppable confidence to achieve your dreams, aspiration...

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