The power of being present and manifesting awareness

This article discusses the powerful and transformative effects of practising mindfulness by intentionally focusing attention on the present moment, enhancing self-awareness and ultimately taking responsibility for how we respond to life stimuli. It's so easy to get tangled in the complex web of our analytical minds and to disconnect from the joys of life experiences. I often catch myself becoming absorbed by thoughts or reacting rather than responding mindfully to 'life triggers' leading to feelings of anxiety and stress; it takes practise and patience to navigate to that mindful space between stimulus and response. By consciously making that choice to step back from our 'drama', facilitate true awareness, accept and surrender to what is and re-connect to our 'authentic being', we can start to heal and enjoy the beauty of the now.

The act of self-awareness

Becoming more self-aware can have transformative effects on how our mental, emotional and physical well-being positively impacts how we interact with others and our environment. Having greater insight into how we think, feel and act can help us address any issues that may be inhibiting us to live life to its fullest potential. Becoming more aware of our 'self' including mind and body, together with our environment, can build self-confidence allowing us to connect to our authenticity, attain a sense of inner peace and joyously interact with the world in the present moment. Many tend to live in a permanent trance of verbal thinking that can trigger negative emotions and behavioural patterns inhibiting the natural flow of being. By becoming conscious of how we are responding to our external and internal stimuli in the here and now, we can take responsibility (the ability to respond) for our holistic self and initiate change for a happier and healthier life.

The power of connecting to the present moment

The power of connecting to the present moment can promote a deeper sense of awareness; by focusing our attention on the now rather than ruminating about the past, being stuck in our zones of memories or obsessing about the future we can step into our seat of awareness and become the observer of our internal dialogue and emotional pain body. We can therefore begin to accept we are not our thoughts, surrender to emotions and become open to the way things are in each moment without judging the experience or attaching ourselves to it. Acceptance of the present moment and surrendering to what it is can be healing and liberating, resulting in reduced stress levels, better immune functioning and management of chronic pain.

Next time you notice your mind running away with itself take a moment to connect to the now, become your observing conscious self, take a moment to pay attention to your breathing and awaken to the experience of life.

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Written by Catherine Crawley, Transformational Life Coach, AMAC
London SW11 & South Kensington SW7

As a cognitive behavioural life coach, I can help you navigate through those stressful and distressing times in life and support you through the process of change by facilitating self-awareness and identifying any blocks that may be impeding healing or life progression so that you feel a sense of acceptance and reach your fullest potential.

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