The new “normal”

If anybody had told me that in the year 2020, we would have a worldwide pandemic to deal with, I would have just dismissed the idea and regarded it as another conspiracy theory. Yet here we are in 2020, watching the world change with the widespread virus of COVID-19 in a matter of weeks! Our current way of life has now become the new normal, and things will never quite be the same for anybody. 


It is hard enough for people with mental health issues to deal with life on a normal day to day basis; imagine how they must be feeling in these current unprecedented times we are all facing. It is at this point where I want to give back. So, I have, therefore, for the past 6 weeks, offered my life coaching skills to anybody who is feeling anxious, vulnerable and unable to cope with life. I have advertised on every form of social media platform that I have an account with, and yet I have had very little response. 

It is upon reflection of a conversation with my husband which made me realise and put into perspective why there has been this lack of response to my offer. As he pointed out, a large proportion of these vulnerable people that I so desperately want to help, may be having to isolate in abusive - mental and physical - relationships. They want to reach out and ask for help, but are unable to do so, purely due to the lockdown procedures currently in place. 

After 6 weeks of lockdown, even the most close-knit and loving family members will have faced some form of frustration and trying times, so we can only imagine how somebody who is being abused has to cope with this 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. 

The government has recently implemented strategies to help vulnerable individuals and has just announced further investment to try and help these victims. 

I call out to anybody who is in this predicament and ask you to stay as strong as you can, and know that there is hope, even though at this present time you may not see any light at the end of the tunnel. You are all survivors, and I truly believe that with your strength and courage, one day you will find the life path you so desperately want - and deserve - to walk.

I so desperately want to help others and am offering my services to anybody who needs it, because I may not have physical scars, but I have emotional scars, which once ran very deep. Through my NLP life coaching journey, I have found inner peace, and this is what I want to convey to others. 

I will continue offering my services and support on life coaching and well-being on a complimentary basis, until we are all stronger mentally and physically. 

Please note, I did not write this article in the hope of making any financial gain because I am not motivated by money, and am happy to see clients, like I originally did, on a complimentary basis, because if I can help to change one person’s life just a fraction, I will have contributed something really valuable.

Keep safe, and remember that I am here for you whenever you are ready. And never forget that there is always hope, even in the darkest day you may currently be facing.

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