The Lucky Dip


Have You ever felt that life was unkind to you?  Have you ever said to yourself, “Why me?”  Have you ever not known which way to turn?  Have you ever felt that you have been dealt a raw deal?

Well! I am sure there are many people who could say, “Yes me” to all the above questions.  Sometimes it feels as though only you has been chosen to bear the burden and a bit like putting one’s hand into the ‘Lucky Dip’ bag and finding you have picked the booby prize and someone else got the best prize.

Do you know that even a booby prize can be turned into something positive.  It is all about you looking at the possibility of solving the problem rather than accepting you are unlucky and there is nothing you can do about it.

When a dilemma occurs start asking yourself four questions:

  • Did anything cause it?
  • How do I start my investigations?
  • Where can I seek help to find out more?
  • When do I start taking steps in a positive direction?

Once you start looking at ways to solve the dilemma, or learning to live with a certain situation, the horizon begins to look brighter.

What could the dilemma be?  Bad news about your job, a health problem which will change your life, bereavement, a relationship break up, or you are just fed up with things the way they are.

Life can become a lucky dip if you do not make plans.  You can just sit around and wait for things to happen, or, you can start planning your hopes and desires.  But make no mistake, doing nothing and getting a successful outcome only happens to a very few people.  Most of us have to plan and be determined to follow the path we have chosen and sometimes we need a little help from a life coach to help us on our way because we cannot easily assess ourselves.  It often takes others to be able to see in us what we cannot see for ourselves.

The Lottery is a lucky dip and see how long it takes some people to win it, some never do and only the lucky few are able to realise their dreams by buying a single ticket.

Don’t wait for the lottery.  Get on with turning your own lucky dip into a successful reality whatever your dilemma. Believe in yourself.

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