The link between colour, confidence, mood and perception

Have you had one of those days when you wake up and just cannot bring yourself to wear a certain colour? Do you find you feel low when it's dull and grey outside? Or maybe your home décor has to be a certain shade to feel comfortable on your senses?


I have been working with colour in the personal styling area of my business since 2005 and have experienced for myself its dramatic effect on my mood and confidence. It also plays an important part in my life coaching practice where I use colour as a potent way to connect the mind and body through the power of Emotional Freedom Technique and NLP.

We are surrounded by colour on this planet and it's even woven into the fabric of our universe. Just look at Saturn’s rings, the orangey redness of Mars and the yellowness of our sun. We were even treated to the aurora borealis in the UK this spring! Nature in all its forms is abundant with colour!

Colour is a powerful tool that influences human behaviour, emotions, and perceptions.

For centuries, artists, designers, and psychologists have studied the impact of colour, discovering its profound effects on our mood and the way we are perceived by others. Here, I explore the intricate link between colour and confidence, shedding light on how wearing certain colours can boost our self-esteem and shape the impressions we leave on those around us.

The psychology of colour

Colour psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behaviour. Colours can evoke specific psychological responses and have a profound impact on our emotional state. This understanding is rooted in both cultural associations and biological responses. Let’s unravel the meaning of colour.


Often associated with energy, passion, and action, red is a colour that commands attention. Wearing red can make an individual feel more powerful and assertive. Studies have shown that athletes wearing red are perceived as more formidable, and people tend to associate red with dominance and confidence.


Known for its calming and stabilising effects, blue is often linked to feelings of tranquillity and reliability. It can boost confidence by promoting a sense of calm and control. Blue is frequently used in professional settings to convey trustworthiness and competence.


Bright and cheerful, yellow is associated with happiness and optimism. Wearing yellow can elevate mood and boost confidence by encouraging positive thinking and energy. However, too much yellow can be overwhelming and may lead to feelings of anxiety.


Symbolising sophistication, power, and elegance, black can make a person feel more confident and authoritative. It is often chosen for its slimming effect and its ability to convey seriousness and professionalism.


This colour is linked to balance, harmony, and growth. Wearing green can promote a sense of well-being and stability, which can enhance confidence. It is also associated with health and rejuvenation.


White is all about purity, freshness and perfection. It gives the impression of peace and quiet, simplicity and clarity.


From rose to salmon this colour conveys gentleness and empathy. It can promote feelings of warmth and compassion.


This encourages creativity as well as indicates sensitivity. It is also associated with meditation and spiritualism. The lighter shades of lilac promote a general sense of relaxation.


The perfect blend of yellow and red and, therefore, shares some of the same properties. Orange conveys warmth, friendliness energy and fun.


Steadfast brown conveys a dependable character who is grounded. Just think of trees in nature. The colour brown speaks of support and safety.


Grey of course is what happens when you mix black and white. Some people feel safe in grey and it can be calming but too much grey with the absence of any other colour can become draining.

How colour affects mood

The colours we wear can significantly influence our emotional state. This phenomenon is largely due to the way colours interact with light and how our brains interpret these signals.

Boosting positive emotions

Bright colours such as yellow, orange, and pink are known to uplift mood and foster feelings of joy and excitement. Incorporating these colours into our wardrobe can help combat feelings of sadness and enhance our overall sense of well-being.

Promoting calmness

Softer shades like blue, green, and lavender are calming and can reduce stress and anxiety. Wearing these colours can create a soothing effect, promoting a sense of peace and relaxation.

Increasing energy levels

Vibrant colours like red and orange are stimulating and can increase heart rate and energy levels. These colours are ideal for situations where an extra boost of confidence and vitality is needed.

Perception by others

Not only do colours affect our own mood and confidence, but they also influence how others perceive us. The colours we choose to wear can send powerful non-verbal messages and shape first impressions.

Authority and power

Darker colours, especially black, are often associated with authority and sophistication. Wearing black can convey confidence, making others perceive the wearer as more powerful and serious.

Approachability and warmth

Warm colours like yellow, orange, and pink are seen as friendly and approachable. These colours can make the wearer appear more open, cheerful, and easy to interact with.

Trust and reliability

Blue, particularly navy and sky blue, is frequently linked to trustworthiness and reliability. Wearing blue can make others see the wearer as dependable and competent, which is why it's a popular choice for job interviews and professional settings. Think about policemen.

Creativity and individuality

Bright and unconventional colours, such as purple and teal, are often associated with creativity and individuality. These colours can help the wearer stand out and express unique personal style.

Practical tips for using colour to boost confidence

Identify your colours

You can book in for a colour analysis with me to discover your wow colours, best neutrals and best colour combinations to maximise your confidence every day. Experiment with different colours from your wardrobe to see which ones make you feel the most confident and comfortable. Pay attention to how each colour affects your mood and the reactions of those around you.

Dress for the occasion

Choose colours that are appropriate for the setting. For instance, wear blue or black for professional environments to convey competence and authority, and opt for warmer colours for social gatherings to appear more approachable.

Balance and contrast

Use a mix of colours to create balance. Pair bold colours with neutral tones (or in a pattern) to avoid overwhelming your outfit and to maintain a polished look.

Use accessories

If you're hesitant to wear colour, start with accessories. A vibrant scarf, tie, handbag or even nail varnish can add a pop of colour and confidence without being too bold.

Trust your instincts

Ultimately, wear what makes you feel good. Confidence comes from within, and the colours you choose should reflect your personal style and comfort.

The link between colour, mood and confidence is undeniable. By understanding the psychological effects of colour, what suits us and how it influences perception, you can make more informed choices in your wardrobe to boost your mood and self-esteem. Whether it's the power of red, the calm of blue, or the joy of yellow, incorporating the right colours into our attire can transform not only how we feel about ourselves but also how we are seen by others. So next time you dress, remember: the colours you wear can be a powerful tool in projecting confidence and positivity to the world.

If you want to learn more about the most flattering colours for your physical attributes, mood, and personality, and how to make a great impression on anyone you meet, contact me today.

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Rayleigh, Essex, SS6
Written by Sarah Ventris, (Confidence, Anxiety, Image, Dating, Careers Coach)
Rayleigh, Essex, SS6

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