The Importance of 'Self Compassion'

The Dalai Lama says that it is  “…through compassion that we gain the conditions for genuine happiness”. The compassion of which he speaks is for everyone and also, I believe, due in full measure no less to ourselves. If we are not prepared to treat ourselves as equally deserving as anyone else, how can we possibly achieve serenity of mind and happiness? For a variety of reasons the ‘self’ honesty and openness that is required to do this does not always come easily, but our innate sense of justice & fair play must ensure that we give to ourselves as fair a deal as to everyone else. I am not asking for special treatment for ourselves, but that we make allowances for any shortcomings they way we would give, for example, to our friends. 

Men rise and fall, such is the essence of being human. In fact, not only is the fall is to be expected, it is almost inevitable given that we are human. What gives us the potential for greatness, however we define it, is our capacity to rise. So we must forgive ourselves our stumbles because it is immediately after that comes our best opportunity for achievement. 

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Written by Alan Keyse

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