The importance of a great morning routine

What do you do first thing in the morning? Do you reach out to press the snooze button; do you check your phone; or do you jump out of bed excited about the day ahead?

Many people start their day in a stressful way, scrolling through Facebook, dragging themselves out of bed, and rushing around because they are already late, running to the train station and feeling totally stressed out in the process.

This is exactly what I used to be like before I read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This book is a game changer! It is all about taking the six best personal development techniques and starting your day by spending at least one minute on each activity.

1) Silence: Take some time to be quiet in the morning. Whether that is mediation, or just quietly sitting still and calmly taking some deep breaths. Totally relax your body and allow any stress to float away.

2) Affirmations: Say positive things to yourself over and over again. These will remind you of what you are truly capable of. Say your goals out loud. What do you want to achieve in your life? Say it and believe that you can make it happen.

3) Visualisation: Close your eyes and visualise how you want your day to look. What successes are you going to have? What is going to bring you laughter and happiness? Visualise your day going perfectly.  

4) Journaling: Spend some time writing in your journal. Write down the things you are grateful for. Write down things that bring you happiness.

5) Reading: Read a personal development book, something that inspires and motivates you. Even if you learn about one new idea and implement it into your day, that could be pretty special.

6) Exercise: Do some exercise. Start with jumping jacks, get your heart rate racing and get yourself energized and ready for your day ahead.

You only need to invest six minutes (or more) in your personal development in the morning - and don’t you think that is a better way to start the day than to roll out of bed, exhausted and fed up? Start your day with purpose; try starting your day with this morning routine.

You only get one shot at life, so make sure you give it your best and start each day in the most incredible way possible. What is the worst thing that could happen if you just give it a go?

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