The first step to changing your life

You're becoming more and more aware that things aren't right. You have a nagging suspicion that life could be better. It could be more positive and fulfilling.

You're not sure, though, what changes you want to make or how you're going to make them. So you stay stuck right where you are, for fear of making the wrong decision.

The first step to creating a happier world for yourself is to acknowledge that you don't want to stay still any more. You have had enough of worrying about time slipping away. You are fed up of moaning to friends and family that you aren't happy and you want to do something about it.

Once you have acknowledged where you are, only then can you do something about it.

Now you have accepted what is going on for you, you need the resolve to do something about it. Ask yourself these three simple questions:

1) What is the cost to me of staying in this situation for another year?
What will happen for you if you do nothing? It feels a lot easier to do nothing, so sometimes it can feel like the best, safest option. What would life look like next year if you do nothing to change it? Can you live with that?

2) How would I feel about myself and my life if I took positive steps to change it?
Make a list of how you would feel differently if you made changes in your life. Imagine how it would actually feel to have made all those changes.

3) How would I like to describe my life to someone else?
Imagine you've bumped in to someone who you haven't seen for years. They ask what you're up to, what do you want to tell them? How do you want to feel when talking to them?

Now you have acknowledged where you are and gotten more clear on how you want life to be, you have all the tools you need to make it happen. You'll get the resolve from being clear on what you want to achieve and the energy from knowing you can make it happen.

Whenever you feel yourself doubting that you can make it happen, you can come back to this image of what life will be like for you when you have made it happen. Keeping that in strong focus and knowing it is truly what will make you happy will keep you on the right path to a much happier life.

Good luck with the journey and please let me know how you get on or if you'd like any more pointers to get there.

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