The first step can be empowering

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a super accurate psychic reading of our life ahead that way we can manage any pitfalls. Avoid making the wrong decisions. Decide whether the current love in our lives is going to last. Find out whether that career choice is the right one. So many of us seeking answers. Why? It makes us feel better. It gives us reassurance in life. It provides certainty and security against the fear of uncertainty and confusion.

Trusting in the flow of life and in your own ability to handle what comes your way comes with practise - and the more we do it, the more we develop confidence in ourselves to handle the situation. I have met many people who settle for less because they fear, they fear not being good enough, they fear failure, their self-esteem is low and they have limiting beliefs that hold them back, and yet when I talk with people there are the dreams. Dreams that they have pushed into the background collecting cobwebs, but once in a while it comes back to haunt them and they think about ‘what could have been.’

How do you want to play out the life you are currently living?

If you are scared, then focus on taking a small step. Small and manageable steps closer to where you want to be. For some people looking too far into the distance seems overwhelming and scary because the distance seems impossible. By changing your perception and how you measure your progress, you can make it manageable for you. 

Our paths in life is usually an uncertain one, so by turning inwards and using coaching to access your inner resources, to develop trust and faith in yourself, you can develop yourself profoundly to develop the areas you want to develop. Be that courage, resilience, purpose, or simply to take that first step.

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