The fear of habit vs routine excitement

Is chaos your guilty pleasure which actually leaves you feeling frazzled?

You most probably know your habits shape who you are and who you're becoming. But you may also be primarily driven to seek variety and excitement as opposed to certainty and stability, and the idea of having habits may imply predictability and boredom.

You might even justify a lack of planning by saying you think more freely unhindered by routine.

A problem with this approach to anything, is that when an unexpected significant event occurs in your relationships or at work, you can easily feel lost and confused and struggle for that sense of being grounded when you most need it.

The good news is you can have the best of both worlds.

A simple way to experience that feeling of being grounded each day is a morning and evening routine, each lasting between 20 and 40 minutes. Between those times you can approach work, relationships and anything else in any way which suits you. An example could be:


  • 6:00 am - Wake up and drink a glass of water.
  • 6:10 am - Do 15 mins of Tai Chi, Yoga or a simple stretching routine.
  • 6:25 am - Recall a list of things which you are grateful for.
  • 6:30 am - Focus on your two 'must do's' for the day.
  • 6:40 am - Hit the shower with several wins already under your belt.


  • Arrive home and take 10 mins to yourself to reflect on the days highs and lows possibly using a journal. This helps to transition into your personal and family time.
  • Have a ritual which makes you feel 'nice'. It could be a bath, a cup of tea or anything else which allows you to relax.
  • Enjoy time at home with others by being able to give them the gift of you being 'present'.
  • Do something to help have a deep and peaceful sleep. It might be some light reading or listening to something positive or soothing.

Remember, it's your routine, and you can change any of the activities or timings to keep things interesting.

By having an am and pm routine, you will most likely find you are able to think more creatively and positively. You may be more open to new ways of working or find creative solutions to challenges at work. You might feel calmer and more able and likely to provide random romantic gestures.

A more grounded you, is a more mindful positive and creative you.

Give it a try and leave a comment if you found it useful.

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