The confidence map

Knowing your finish point can save you a lot of time, money and effort when it comes to the confidence in getting what you actually want for your life.

Does that sound weird or bizarre to start an article with that’s meant to make you feel confident especially when all you know is you want to be confident?

It’s very common indeed to come from a place where you say in your head “I just want to have more confidence and that’s all I want”. Does that sound vague even reading that? Perhaps it’s familiar even?

Well focussing or getting someone on target needs some subtle shifts in meaning or perspective to get that to happen quicker and start to get you that confidence you want.

But here is the big question to start out with – "What would you like to have happen?"

This is a great self-question when it comes to confidence because it places you into possibility and the future of what confidence looks, sounds and feels like.

So, moving ahead then to get you more onto the target and definite about what confidence could be for you.

Just imagine that imagined or pretend future and start to play around with it because it’s your reality you’re shaping and start to ask yourself a few questions about the possibilities like:

  • Where will I be when I have confidence?
  • What will I be doing when I am confident?
  • How will I be thinking when I am confident?
  • How will I be talking to myself confidently?
  • Who will I be surrounded by when I am confident?
  • How will I be physically feeling when I do all of this and where does that confident feeling live in my body?

A cautionary word here – avoid the “I don’t want this, I don’t want to be doing that and I don’t want that to happen” these take you off route and into an infinite spiral of negative possibilities that may never end.

Above all else, enjoy yourself when you do this because I bet most of your best ideas came when you were relaxed, smiling, breathing powerfully and moving your body.

So, starting out with the finished vision, feeling and internal dialogue can well place you where you need to be to work back from that end to where you are right now.

Then you have your map to work from forwards knowing what confidence actually is, does it not?

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