The change effect

This article explore some of the steps towards creating the conditions for embracing change. Small changes in who we are create greater changes in our capacity to conceive and engage with a richer life, so that the 'change effect' works as a kind of feedback loop. Change brings about change.

1. When we talk we voice silent thoughts. Through responding to questioning we hear our own answers, which enables greater insight. As we explore words we reform thoughts, and make new sense.

2. As we reveal, uncover and understand, we feel less overwhelmed so we feel lighter. When we feel lighter, we feel more able to move.

3. When we allow ourselves to acknowledge what we know, we feel a resonance, a rightness. When we have our compass, we can find direction.

4. An interruption to circular mental processes and patterns create spaces in between. When there is space there is less thought, and room for new perspectives and ways of being.

5. When our internal world stops clouding us, our energy is brighter. Our body feels more alive. When our energy is brighter we see and feel more, and people see us for who we are more clearly.

6. When we hold on we can't let go. When we stop resisting we feel more open, and allow ourselves to experience more of what is currently available to us.

7. When we take one small step; create one action which reflects our intention, our sense of achievement rises. With an increase in self-confidence comes a greater sense of empowerment and recognition of our contribution, within the world.

Through the process of acknowledgement, awareness and acceptance we can find clarity, calm and control and are able to connect to the natural change process that surrounds us. This moves us towards actions that create the kind of life we want to live. We are not just who we think we are.

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Bath, Somerset, BA2 8LU
Written by Antonia Clews, Project Self - Internal Change Coaching
Bath, Somerset, BA2 8LU

As a personal change coach I work with people who want to make changes but find that challenging. My approach is focused on exploring how people can achieve a greater sense of freedom in the way they chose to live through how they are ‘being’ in their self. I am passionate about the power of change and creativity to make our life one we truly live.

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