The Beneifits of Aligning Passions & Values in the Workplace

Aligning people’s passions and values in the workplace is the single most productive thing you can do for your company.  People who are passionate about what they do give your business the wings to soar above those less inspired.

Understanding your employee’s passions and values, and finding alignment with those of the business, is the first step to creating a happy and inspired workforce.  Such workforces tend to do a great job and give great customer service. They are flexible, adaptable and effective, making your company more productive and resilient (important features, particularly during a recession). The downside? – there is none!  For if an alignment cannot be found it enables the employee to move on to somewhere they would be happier.

The key to finding this alignment is to look not just at what you do, but how and why you do it.  This ‘thought’ process encourages an intellectual and emotional commitment and fuels the imagination of individuals to find creative ways of connecting with the work that they do.  People who feel connected recognise the importance of their part within the whole system and as a result are likely to be more productive, happier people.

We all know that happy people are positive people and as such they give off positive energy which  tends to lift others.  We can all think of a friend or colleague that we like to be with for this very reason.  Someone who is always encouraging, helpful and fun.  This type of person tends to say ‘AND’ a lot;

“yes …we tried that before ‘AND’ I think the time is right to look at it again”. 

Slowly this positive way of being becomes self perpetuating.  But be aware, this state requires continual attention and nurturing – if dynamics change for whatever reason (usually from a change in personnel, or a dissatisfaction that hasn’t been address) the whole ‘eco’ system can become compromised by negative emotions and resistance.  N.B: This condition is very contagious, spreads quickly and can adversely affect your business. 

Negative people are easy to spot because they use the oppression of the ‘BUT’ instead of the brilliance of the ‘AND’;

 “yes ...we tried that before ‘BUT’ it didn’t work”. 

Two approaches are needed to safeguard from ‘negativity:

Be proactive in order to prevent negative energy in the first place, i.e. employing the right people; and through ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ creating an environment for positive energy to expand.

If negative energy does appear, act quickly to stop it from spreading and then restore the environment, i.e. find the route cause of the problem then implement the correct solution. Sticking plaster remedies  do not last long!

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