The benefits of online coaching

As humans, we are naturally drawn to favour face-to-face contact, that sense of connection particularly when we are being our most vulnerable selves and sharing our innermost desires and thoughts just feels more comfortable. After all, this is what we’ve always done - doctors appointments, therapy sessions they have historically been face-to-face in the main. Changing this habit might feel a bit uncomfortable at first but it is just that, habitual and this is definitely the time to try new things. 


Four benefits to coaching online

Since moving all of my coaching online, it’s allowed me to reflect on the benefits of online coaching, not just for myself but for my clients too. I want to share some of these with you so that you too can embrace this new way of receiving coaching and support online, and not see this situation as a barrier. 

1. There are more coaches to choose from

Simply, it widens the pool of coaches available to you meaning that you can find the ‘best’ coach for you as opposed to the ‘nearest’ coach. It’s so important to find a coach that has the most relevant experience, whose story you resonate with and whose energy lifts and inspires you. You are investing your valuable time and hard-earned money in working with someone over a significant period of time on the most important thing, you. Limiting our options by choosing a coach based solely on our location seems bizarre when you think about it. My own coach, for example, is based in California and currently the Caribbean (I’m not jealous at all). She brings me great support and inspiration despite the fact there is an ocean between us. 

It's so important to find a coach that has the most relevant experience, whose story you resonate with and whose energy lifts and inspires you.

2. Both of you are more present 

I can’t speak for all coaches, but for me, when working online I have time to prepare before the session mentally and energetically, I have some rituals before each session which means that I show up as my best self bringing you the energy you need. When one or both of you has commuted to a session, it takes a while for each person’s nervous system to regulate. I guarantee that online you are both more likely to be more present, meaning that you get the best from the session.

3. It’s simply more efficient and cost-effective 

This doesn’t take a scientist to work out, you’ll save a whole heap of time and money on travel and coffees, and often the coach will offer lower rates online than they will in person as they may have room costs or have factored their travel expenses in. Personally, I would rather give you that extra half an hour that I’ve saved on travel as additional coaching. You can also arrange sessions around your schedule without having to factor in travel time.

4. Fewer distractions and more privacy 

It’s easy to get distracted by what’s going on around you in whatever physical location you meet in. You may be conscious that others can hear, or there may be other noisy customers or coffee machines distracting you. Perhaps the chair is uncomfortable or there is a breeze coming through the door. In the comfort of your own home (or private office at work) you are in control of your surroundings and this allows you to be more focused.

Coaching can also stir up lots of emotions, and being free to express those in the moment without worrying about those around you is a great comfort for me as a coach. Those emotions need to come out as this is where we often have breakthrough moments. 

So, those are just a few of the benefits that I see for you from online coaching. I really do encourage you to give it a try. Many coaches will do an introductory call so you can ask them to do this via video so that you get a chance to see their face and see whether you have the right rapport, take a look at any video or podcast content they’ve produced, this will also give you a good feel for the person before signing up to anything.

Will I go back to coaching in person? I’m not sure I will as I feel much better able to serve my clients and see more clients this way, but we will see, I do miss my coffee dates!

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