The benefits of group work in coaching

What are the benefits compared to one to one? 

Well, the first obvious one is it's a different focus and perspective for you.

Other benefits include the sharing knowledge, experience, insights and ideas. Part of anyone's personal and professional development is awareness of themselves and options outside of themselves too. 

This is where it can really help in a group where there are always a diversity of lifestyles, backgrounds, outlooks and experiences to engage with - the mixes of which provide untold opportunities to learn and develop yourself!

Coaching itself relies on looking 'outside the box' if you like - outside your world, your experience, your previous viewpoints and beliefs. It takes you out of yourself and into new places with new concepts, different ways of being and thinking, options and opportunities you might never have had access to before!

NLP that underlies coaching and communication helps people to work together, gaining knowledge and understanding that one person sometimes cannot offer you - or at least more options from more people! Different people perceive things differently to each other - some similarities, some differences, so the likelihood that you will find someone 'on your wavelength' is an added bonus to what the professional coach in the room can offer you all too.

Group work makes you think! It makes you work harder or differently and so you gain that extra perspective from many other heads than yours and your coaches! And our heads hold a lot of information that we don't recall (until needed), that we don't even recognise as relevant until it needs to be and that we have collected and never accessed - so there is a lot to go at when there is more than your head in the game!

If you never access the training that your company offers you, realise you are missing out. You can learn, grow and develop your options with any new experience and more knowledge. Training is one way, supervision and appraisals another, and engagement in the team and wider company networking offers you even more!

Enjoy your learning. It's always good to know more, and fun to find out if you are curious as you should be if you want to get the most out of the world around you, that you are part of!

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Written by Julie Crowley

Manchester M1 & Oldham OL4

Julie provides professional development with career and business coaching & personal development too with life coaching. Helping you to thrive not just survive through life, embrace work you love where you perform well. Helpful insights and new outlooks, motivation & inspiration to go further, striving towards clear goals, step by manageable step.

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