Surviving lockdown

If you're finding social distancing restrictions tough, you're not alone. Here are nine tips to help you cope through lockdown.


1. Routine

If you're unemployed, working from home or a student, it's vitally important to have a daily routine. Wake up at the same time every day, and perform daily self-care rituals for your well-being. Ensure your rituals incorporate body, mind and soul. Make sure you go to bed at the same time every night. So monitor your Netflix intake!

2. Get creative

Boredom can be a massive thing to deal with in a lockdown. Use this time to discover new hobbies and interests. (I used the first lockdown to teach myself about investing).

Is there anything you have put off from doing, like the decorating? You've got all the time in the world to do it right now.

3. Exercise

Lockdown is a time when people can get lazy without even realising, as being at home means your body is not moving as much. Make some form of exercise part of your daily routine. You don’t have to bench press more weights that Arnie Schwarzenegger in his prime, but some light exercise to get the blood pumping will be enough.

Go for a walk, play with the kids, dance or do Yoga. Try and get outdoors for much needed fresh air.

4. Fruit and veg

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables every day will boost your energy levels and keep you healthy.

5. Positive self-talk/add the positive

In the current climate, it can be all too easy to partake in negative language and conversations. Constantly getting drawn into lengthy discussions about Covid restrictions and vaccines will eventually have a negative impact on how you feel and how you behave.

Likewise, ruminating about stuff will take its toll on your feelings and actions.

If you find yourself thinking or speaking negatively, catch yourself and add a positive comment on the end of the original one. For example, "I hate this pandemic it’s ruining my life… but it will all be over soon enough."

6. Keep it tidy

The saying 'A tidy room equals a tidy mind' is so true. When our environment is in a state, it is a good indicator of what is going on in our mind. Having a messy home can breed procrastination. Keeping it tidy fuels motivation and organisation.

7. Allow the news

The news has and always will be dominated by more negative stories than positive ones. Do your best to keep news coverage to a minimum. Hearing bad news on a consistent basis will not do you any good. If you feel you really need to keep updated with events, just watch the Prime Minister's updates. These information broadcasts are filled with what you need to know, everything else is just scaremongering.

8. Mindfulness

Your mind is still working in a pandemic, probably even more so. Give your thoughts a rest by doing regular meditations so you can unwind and settle.

Mindfulness doesn’t just have to focus on meditation, though. Why not keep a thoughts journal or pay attention to yourself and surroundings by using all five senses to live in the moment?

9. Stay out of bed

Have you been watching films on your laptop in bed? Waking up and going straight on your phone whilst still in bed? Even spending most of the day in bed - working and eating there too?

Psychologically, when you engage in non-relaxing activities in bed, your mind starts to believe that your bed is not a place for relaxation and this can cause sleep disruption.

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Shepherds Bush, London, W12
Written by Damian Duguid
Shepherds Bush, London, W12

My name is Damian Duguid and I am a life coach I work with people who want to accountable and disciplined.

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