Stop seeking

What if you were to be content in the present moment, to just be. To be accepting of where you are at now and to embrace all that is. We can only really live in that moment.

What if you were to accept your home or your family life, your partner or lack of, your children as they are, your health, education, career or job, your qualifications, your looks or physicality as they are now?

Could you make a list of all that is currently good? Try writing these things down.

Next, what are you seeking? Make another list.

Here's a thought: if you are always seeking, you will always be seeking. Not having, not being, not feeling content or satisfied, only seeking. Where does acceptance come in there? That's my first point really. Acceptance. Accept all that is good, right now.

If you were to convert your seeking list to the things instead you hope for, how would that adjust things? For example, I hope to have or achieve a or b, x or y but for the moment I am accepting of where I am at. Does it create a sense of calm, or inner peace or relief? I'd say so. So next on the list then is hope.

It is indeed important to strive for what's meaningful to you but not to be constantly seeking, looking, searching, yearning.

Can you learn to accept yourself as you are now, being authentically you? I am good enough and what I have or have done is good enough, being your authentic self.

Which leads me to the final point: vulnerability.We can feel afraid or lost, isolated or alone, vulnerable in some way in the moment. What if you were to embrace these as part of acceptance of where you are at, rather than fight to overcome. Life can be tough but it is ok to feel all of the above.

When we're focused on seeking - whether it be a new job, a partner, a house, a change of career, a different body shape or image, happiness, financial security and so on, we lose sight of the moment and often the possibilities it brings. So,concentrate on the possibilities instead.

To summarise, stop seeking and have acceptance. Be hopeful and open to possibilities and allow yourself to be authentic and vulnerable. That's all a much wiser choice. 

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Written by Sue MacGillivray, BSc (Hons] Life Coaching Solutions
Glasgow G2 & G41

Sue MacGillivray is a well-established, extensively experienced and highly regarded accredited Glasgow-based life and business coach. She is passionate about people and supporting them to be their best self. Along with her private practice, she is a corporate consultant and a regular media contributor. She also loves butterflies!

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