Steps to Improve Your Work/Life Balance

Imagine what it would be like to have that balance you are seeking in your life right now. See, hear and feel what it would be like to have all the parts of your life working as they are supposed to. What would it be like to have that sense of control in your life right now?

  • Is your work life and private life out of balance?
  • Is one part of your life negatively impacting other parts of your life?
  • Are you stressed out by what you have to do, day in day out?
  • Are the relationships you have with others affected by a lack of control over your life?

The reasons for your feelings of imbalance will be unique to you. However similar your circumstances may seem to someone else, the exact problems causing the imbalance, and the solutions and actions that will bring the equilibrium back will likewise be unique.

Steps to Improving Your Work/Life Balance

Step 1: Identify and define what the ideal 'work /life balance' means to you.

Step2: Identify those problems, barriers and obstacles that have in the past and will in the future prevent you from achieving that balance.

Step 3: Accept your mission to overcome all of those problems (challenges) and to achieve that work/life balance that you are striving for.

Step 4: Brainstorm, ruling 'In' all the ideas and acorns of ideas you come up with for each of those obstacles. Acknowledge any critical response to those ideas, whilst writing down the idea anyway. You may even want to make a game of all the things you could try doing.

Step 5: Start putting those ideas into action, planning when you are going to do each of them. See what works, and what does not, remembering to keep on doing what does work and to stop doing what fails.

Remember that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, break down those larger actions into manageable chunks. Keep in mind that Edison learnt from each of his experiments when he invented the light bulb, turning initial failure into success. Learning from each of your experiments and take your life forward from where it is now to where you want it to go one step at a time.

With the regular support of life coaching, you can make those changes in your life that will take you onto greater success and fulfilment, changes you have so far failed to carry out. Your life coach will hold you accountable to those things that you want to commit to in your life. Coaching whether by phone/skype or face to face will help you to identify where your priorities are and where you need to focus your energy, time and other resources.

When picking your life coach for that work/life balance you may find it helps to follow your gut instinct about them, taking up the opportunity of a free coaching consultation, giving you time to find out if that person is the coach for you.  

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All coaches are verified professionals

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