Steps in the Leap of Faith

In this week’s edition of the Coaching Corner.  I want to talk to you about Steps in the Leap of Faith. Think of your goal as the ‘leap of faith’. It is a leap of faith because it involves moving from one way of being and doing, in which you try new things and give yourself the opportunity to have new experiences that will give you more of what you want in your life right now. Your outcome could be getting a job, losing weight, balancing work and life – or achieving any personal or professional goal that you set in your coaching session. The wonderful journey steps that you created in the coaching session, could be considered as the steps in the space of the leap. If you feel like you’re treading air, before you land and hit your target – or in other words, before you reach your goal, then today’s Coaching Corner audio blog is for you.

So, get a pen and a writing pad so that you can jot down important points and inspired thoughts that come to you and can help you stay on track with your goal.

No 1. Set yourself up for Success: This may mean that you have to think about what you need even before you start your journey of inspired actions. Since the session, what thoughts have you had about what else you might need that can help you?  This could be a particular skill you need to develop, facts or information you have to gather. It could be adopting a certain attitude, thought or belief. In coaching sessions, you will go through the process of strengthening your positive thoughts and beliefs and shifting any that may limit you in any way towards fulfilling your goal. Setting yourself up for success is vital, therefore think about the practical things that you need to as you take your steps forward in the leap of faith.

No 2. Trust Yourself: Remind yourself of a time in your life when you stepped forward and everything was ok. What happened then? What exactly did you do? What did you learn about yourself? What did you have to trust about you? What this does is provide you with evidence of a time in your life when you made something happen. This awareness can give you the trust of self, that is crucial to you having confidence in reaching your goal.

No 3. Challenge Your Inner Critique: What does your inner critique say? Here’s a quick exercise that can help you to challenge your inner critique. Label the non-supportive thoughts that arise. Write them down. These could be thoughts such as: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I don’t know’. Then draw two columns. Read the first non-supportive thought and write the complete opposite of the statement in column A. Then answer this question.  What makes this statement true? In column B, list everything that supports the statement in column A.  As Henry Ford said, “If think you can or you think you can’t, your absolutely right!”  The messages that you give yourself about your ability to make things happen is crucial to your successful outcome of your goal. This exercise will help you to challenge your inner critique.

No 4: Avoid Stutter: Have you ever watched an athlete run the hurdles? The goal is to get to the finishing line, yet along the way, there are 10 hurdles that the athlete must cross. One important thing that an athlete has to do is avoid ‘stutter’. The stutter is the interruption or shortening of the steady pace, that results in a slowed momentum and wastes time and energy. So, to avoid stutter as you leap in faith, develop a technique could be simple things, such as having total focus on your goal – write the goal and actions and put them up where you can see them; stay away from naysayers and only talk about your goal with people who support you; just as a runner has to adjust their hips as they raise themselves over each hurdle, make any necessary adjustments that will help you to keep a steady pace and lift yourself with surety and confidence along the steps to your goal.

No 5: Step Back: What??? Do I hear you say? How can you step back when you’re preparing to leap or even in the midst of your leap?? What is this woman talking about? Ok. Let me explain. You will have your goal, your target, your focus. Importantly, this should be written down. The intensity of life, that involves doing your job, raising children or church or social activities for example, can mean that we lose track, get off balance or become muddled and confused with just where we’re at and how things are going.  Carry out a review of how things are going for you along the way. So, check in with yourself along the way by taking a step back and look at the target. Ask: What am I doing that’s working? What’s going to sustain this? 

Step 6: Stride Forward: If you’re reading this right now, you may have something important that you want to achieve. Working towards creating inspired actions that can help you achieve your desired outcome involves a few things, of which perhaps this is the most important: fulfilling your goal requires transformation and improvement of something in or about your life that will give you the wonderful everyday experiences that you are seeking. To step onto the launch pad of a new life experience is not always easy. So what can you do to make the process easier and have rapid results?  Stride forward with coaching, where you will work at a steady pace and momentum with someone objective who will also be your greatest supporter! This way, your Steps in the Leap of Faith are sure to be firm and will take you higher throughout your Coaching Programme.

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