Staying positive about your career as we round off 2020

There’s no doubt, this has been a tough year. Some of you will have had to move on, others furloughed for months on end and for the rest a highly compromised working reality.


Now at least there is light at the end of the tunnel - with the advent of a seemingly successful vaccine. Although it may not have an immediate impact, over time it does give us hope that the world of work can begin turning once again. 

To this end, it is really important we find ways to keep positive over the next few months, ready for what will be a different commercial landscape. There will be opportunity and innovation. In order to be in a position where we can present ourselves in the best light, feeling mentally and emotionally strong we need to begin now. 

Below are some thoughts on how to get in the best head space as we move through some challenging months toward a better future:

1. Don’t ignore what you’ve been through - deal with it!

It can be tempting when we have been through a challenging time to just put it behind us and forget about it. That leaves a nasty chance though of it coming back to bite us. We need to allow ourselves time to process the past few months. Deal with any stress and anxiety. Gather our thoughts and figure out what we’ve learnt about ourselves and the world around us. 

It might even be the case that we’ve built strategies that can help us move forward. If we don’t look back and learn, we won’t be able to use them in the future.

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2. Look towards what you really want - don’t settle for ‘making do’

In times of crisis we do whatever we need to in order to survive. If you were out of a job you might have, understandably, taken anything you could get. If you were lucky enough to work, you’ll have had to accept that promotions were on hold maybe or pay frozen - or cut. Now it’s time to think differently. Once we emerge from this we need to be ready to hit the ground running. There are going to be opportunities and it isn’t going to be the ones who are just putting up with their lot who get to take advantage of them. It is time to be bold with your thinking and look toward the new horizon of possibility.

3. Face the obstacles - don’t let them trip you up 

In the same way that we need to process what just happened, there will no doubt be some challenges that get in our way going forward. There’s no point pretending that issues aren’t there or won’t be a problem. Instead we need to spot them early and either navigate round them, solve them or use them. Sometimes the hurdles we face are the same encountered by others. Wherever there is a shared problem, there is usually opportunity within solving it. Even if you aren’t the one to tackle the world’s issues, we do need to ensure we are agile enough to tackle this that lie in our path.

4. Enjoy the good times - there will be some!

Yes indeed, there will be joy amid our gloom and struggle. In the UK the nights are dark - and so for now are our theatres and pubs! That won’t be the full picture though. There will be laughter, love and happiness. Spreading some of it yourself over the festive season can only be a good thing. Focus on what makes you and others feel good. Exercise some ‘self-care’, dish out a bit of good cheer and allow the happiness in. It may be that times recently have been particularly tough - that doesn’t mean we can’t crack a smile. You are allowed to feel happy in yourself, however challenging 2020 might have been.

5. Make space - for the best version of you to arrive!

How many of us uttered such words as ‘2020, this is going to be my year!’. It may be a whole 12 months late, but it’s time for take two. Clear the decks, shovel away all the debris! It’s time for the bleakest year in over half a century to step aside. Don’t just stop at 2020 though, if you are going to go to all the bother of getting your act in gear, you may as well go for it, big time!

It’s time to empty those skeletons out of the closet.

All those nagging doubts that have dragged you down, the lack of self-belief that’s been gnawing away at your self-confidence for years, that teacher’s negative comment you’ve been painfully clasping onto like a war medal. I have, news, you survived. Time to shed that old skin and emerge into what will be somewhat of a new world. If you are going to grow into those wings, you are going to need space to spread them and fly.

Yes, it’s probably going to be a bit of a challenge. Sure, not everything will go to plan. But it never does and yet people succeed. Beyond what they thought was possible. Whilst it is still quiet now and the beginning of the coming year is the time to get career positive for whatever journey lies ahead!

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Written by Rachel Coffey, Coaching - Life Coach, Career Coach, Voice Coach MA
London SW6 & W1D

One of Happiful magazine’s regular panel of experts, Rachel is a leading life coach, voice coach and communication coach. She works in a confidential, practical and intuitive way. Using innovative and person centred techniques, she helps her clients create real and lasting change in a positive timeframe. Enquiries are always warmly welcomed.

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