Spoonfuls of Courage

The word ‘change’ can be one of the most threatening words a client can hear and often the actual acknowledgement that an individual desires change takes courage.  Even if the client is committed to improving an area of their lives in order to achieve that change their current situation will certainly alter. This involves changing the current status quo which can affect how you perceive yourself, how others close to you perceive you and your role in their lives, and building resources and confidence to risk negative reactions from others in order to venture into unknown territory and achieve your goal.  This is when an individual consciously needs to make a choice – work on their chosen goal to improve that area or stay in their current situation.

So the word ‘change’ can have many negative implications.  However, consider what Felice Leonardo “Leo” Buscaglia (31 March 1924 – 12 June 1998), American author and motivational speaker said:

"Change. It has the power to uplift, to heal, to stimulate, surprise, open new doors, bring fresh experience and create excitement in life. Certainly it is worth the risk."

What they might not consider is that change does not have to be one big step.  It need only be very small steps, perhaps a telephone call, a heightened self-awareness, an empowering choice, one spoonful of courage at a time.  What is important is that each step is built on by another, and another, and another so that over time significant progress is made - small spoonfuls of courage each time.

When a client understands this completely, the burden and fear is lightened and any barriers that may have deterred them from working towards their chosen goal can be gently broken down.

Developing this understanding and awareness with the support of a coach is of massive benefit.  Employing a professional coach enables an individual to have the support of someone solely focused on enabling them to achieve the goal they set themselves, without any outside agenda.  A coach will help an individual take the steps which, by themselves, they might avoid, in order to stretch them and grow as individuals. A coach will champion them, ask the right questions to raise their awareness and maintain their motivation to keep on their journey.  The environment of the relationship is safe and confidential which is immensely freeing.  Clients are able to discuss anything they feel necessary and be completely honest about their fears, dreams and challenges knowing that they will not be judged in any way.

Understanding that if they choose small spoonfuls of courage every day, the idea of change becomes more acceptable than perhaps their previous thoughts of one huge spade full in one go.  This way change comes when the individual is ready relieving unnecessary stress and ensuring the success they desire.

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