Soul transformation therapy

If you are reading this but aren't quite sure why, it may be because you were attracted to the sound of the name soul transformation therapy.

A crazy idea? Well perhaps not that crazy. The idea that words and their vibrations have an effect on us is an ancient one, we are all familiar with the powerful mantra 'Om' and one of the most famous phrases in the bible is 'In the beginning was the word... '. We also know that a great deal of communication is non-verbal and we all live and breathe the effects of music on our emotions - an effect caused by the vibrations of the notes.

So just how does soul transformation therapy relate to sounds? Well it is through a set of 22 energies, each of which is based on a sound and each of which has a different polarity. For example the number six when experienced in a positive way, is an energy of tremendous creativity. However when experienced as a challenge, or in a negative way, it can result in being very scattered and unfocused. Lots of great ideas but nothing followed through! 

So what happens in a soul transformation session and what has that got to do with Life Coaching?

In a soul transformation session, you will choose from the deck of 22 energy cards, which will enable your coach to find out the key issue underlying your current challenges. You will then work with your coach using an appropriate technique, perhaps one based on NLP or jungian archetypes or maybe emotional freedom technique. These interventions will enable you to clear the underlying energy, thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from moving forwards and will start a powerful healing process which will enable you to move forward far more effectively to your goals.

Sounds interesting? Maybe it's for you. We all respond to different approaches and the beauty of today's world is that when we search, we can find what is right for us. 'Seek and ye shall find! Ask and it shall be opened unto you!' And next time you find yourself excited by the name of a place or a person or an idea, you will know that this may be because of the vibration of the sound. And if you are fortunate enough to be visiting Japan, you might well come across this approach, as soul transformation is huge in Japan! And it's gradually taking off here too!

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