So what? Purpose and you

Coaching is often about goals, things to get done, and doing things better. So what?

Without purpose doing things is aimless activity, perhaps even a distraction. As the famous IBM motto said, “Think!”.

Coaching can be about exploring what our purpose is. I’m not talking about this in a religious sense, although that may be what gives you your purpose. I’m talking about what makes it worth getting up in the morning. For most of us that purpose is poorly defined, something like ‘living a good life’ or ‘being happy’. Getting a clearer sense of purpose can help us see what we should do at confusing points in our lives.

Purpose does not have to be grand; making a difference for others, leaving behind a legacy of some type, or getting a better sense of connectedness to others are all great purposes. To find our own requires paying attention to how we express ourselves in action, to find out what is important to us. Often we are caught up in what others expect us to do and all the ‘should’ and ‘must’ statements we internalise.

So while being able to do things is important, exploring why we do them and the choices we therefore make can be an even more profound use of coaching.

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