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Skype coaching - 4 reasons why it's fantastic!

I highly recommend that everyone should consider Skype coaching when looking for a life coach. There are four very distinct reasons as to why this is the case but, before I tell you the reasons, first I must address a question that gets asked a lot.

Is Skype coaching as valuable as face to face coaching?

The answer is yes - an absolutely resounding yes. Some of the most powerful coaching sessions across the world are done via Skype. Within minutes you forget that you are not in the same room as your coach and it's every bit as personal as face to face coaching.

Here are the four reasons Skype coaching is fantastic:

1. Location

As long as you have an internet connection, you can see a life coach from anywhere in the world. You’re not at all limited to seeing life coaches in your local area, which, if you live in a remote area, struggle to travel or can’t find many coaches nearby, opens up your options immensely.

Your choice becomes about who you most want to work with, rather than who is available on your doorstep. The world really is yours!

2. Freedom

If you're a busy person (which I'm sure you are!), Skype sessions would be absolutely perfect for you. You are not required to travel to see your coach at their office - you decide when and where you have your sessions. This gives you so much more flexibility.

3. Comfort

You can have your sessions from the comfort of your own home or office. You are in your own environment which means you are more relaxed and open to change.

4. Mobile

Skype has an excellent mobile app for all devices - this means that you can still have your sessions even if you're on the move. This is particularly useful for clients that are required to travel and have to stay away from home a lot.

Next time you're looking for a life coach - consider Skype sessions. You won't regret it.

To search for a coach that offers this service, simply use the online and telephone coaching search tool.

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