Six inspiring visions from six mums. What story do they tell about the power of having a vision?

I was at a recent networking event. As I introduced myself to everyone in the room I used an example of a vision which one of my mum clients created. Two of the mums said ‘that sounded just like my vision!’. It wasn’t theirs, but this got me thinking about the similarity between the visions which my mum clients tend to set when they work with me.

A vision might be the most powerful way to keep you focused on what you want in life whilst keeping you motivated in achieving it. Having a vision opens up your mind to many possibilities and a brighter and bigger future.

When you can envision a future that is better, happier and more productive you are more likely to make the changes that are necessary for you to reach that type of life.

Here are some examples of the visions my mum clients have created:

“I am calm, have good 1:1 time with the children.  I have my evenings back and time for me.”

“I have time and space to make a home and live a proper family life because I am relaxed.”

“I am on top of things because I have a plan. I am present and connected at home.”

There are some striking similarities. What I noticed is that each vision tended to include some type of self-care. We often neglect ourselves and end up running on empty. Also, there is an intentionality about each vision. Without something to focus us, it’s so easy to get side-tracked and distracted. The visions also show how important family life is to these mums and that they are prioritising this.

“I have found the power to be confident with who I am.”

“I have clarity, value myself and am brave.”

“I am happy because I am connected, balanced and fulfilled.”

Through coaching sessions, each of these mums has taken manageable steps towards reaching their vision. 

Vision encourages you to prioritise your values. A clear vision has the power to bring what’s most important to the surface of your lifestyle and schedule. A clear vision makes it easy to weed out of your life those things that stand in the way of achieving what matters most to you. 

A coach can help you to create an inspiring vision for your life which helps to keep you on track and motivated. Have you got a vision? How are you taking steps towards that vision today?

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