Should we keep fighting Cancer?

“Cancer must be defeated... We must fight Cancer... The person died after a long fight against Cancer...”

All is said...

All around the world, we can hear belligerent messages against Cancer. The violent responses against cancer are never going to fix the problem.

Cancer is a response and a feedback message from our body. I believe that cancer is becoming a problem only when the immune system has been weakened for a reason or another and that the cells are not able anymore to do their job properly. I believe that we have cancer cells in our body at all times. It is dealt with until something more serious happens. If our immune system is weakened, it means that our body is not happy, literally not happy. We know from so many studies that cancer appears very often after a deep emotional distress: a loss, a breakup, a redundancy... It usually happens when we are not happy in our lives, when we have “bad vibes”, when we are depressed.

In my opinion, the response from the medical system today is totally inappropriate. Doctors are not trained at delivering diagnosis, and because people put so much trust into their opinion, they allow Doctors to decide for them if they are going to live or not. In fact, they create more stress. My position is that as long as Doctors will not be trained to develop their Emotional Intelligence and as long as patients will not take ownership of their health and body, cancer will keep decimating the population.

Fighting cancer, instead of helping the process creates more disharmony and chaos which is exactly the reason why it appeared. Only love and kindness can help the system: only trust into our own fantastic healing power. In fact, the placebo effect as well as the placebo effect is telling us how powerful we are. If only we could believe in it. The belief of the medical system is that only they know what is good for us and because we believe that they are right, we give up and inhibit our own power to heal. 

We need to restore the balance in our heart and in our emotional system first in order to provide the right energy and the right context for health. Our immune system can only be at its best when Love replaces fear. Fear by definition inhibits and weakened the immune system.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a facial tumour which required urgent surgery. After the first surgery, when the result came back, the sergeant called me in panic telling me that 100% of what he removed was cancer and that consequently I probably had AIDS or another cancer. He delivered the news on the phone. After a night from hell, I went for blood analysis and made arrangements for a second surgery. I came out of it with a big hole in the middle of my face. My cancer was over. It did not have anything else. I did not have any other cancer and I did not have AIDS. My body was ready to heal and I was ready to be healed.  Despite the stress, I knew that I knew that everything was going to be fine. In my guts, I knew that my body was not turning against me. How could it? Our body is a community of 50 trillion cells who learned long ago the idea of cooperation. It is when we start to doubt our ability to heal that our system gives up.

I am not a Doctor and I am not pretending to bring any medical perspective. I am just sharing my beliefs and what I understood so far from life through 50 years of life experience, happiness, drama, pain, deep joy and curiosity. Most of my family died from cancer or from what was supposed to be the cure for cancer. It is a subject that I have been passionate about for many years.  My goal here is just to motivate people to think out of the box. Cancer is not the problem but our mindset and response to it.  

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Written by Denis Gorce-Bourge

London, SE20

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