Seven steps for life goal success

It's important to make strides in work, life and love before the summer appears and we find we are halfway through 2016. 

Whether you’re looking to climb up the career ladder, boost your self-esteem or become fitter, it's crucial you have clarity about how you are going to get there and when.

Many of us start the year full of enthusiasm around setting goals, yet fail to maintain momentum. So rather than let your goals fall by the wayside, get clear now on what you want to achieve this year and make it happen! 

Here are my seven steps for life goal success:

Step 1: Raise your standards

List what you refuse to tolerate any longer. Have higher expectations, bigger goals and more respect for yourself in 2016.

Step 2: Let go of stinking thinking

You wash your hair regularly, so why not wash your mind regularly? Commit to yourself that you won't complain or moan and you won't hang with any moaning Mary's, Debbie downers or paranoid Pam's.

Step 3: Stay focused

I can't stress enough how important it is to stay 100% focused on what you do want, and not on what you don't want. 

Step 4: Master a mind map

Consider buying a whiteboard to have at home and get creative; a) Draw a centre circle: write out your main goal; b) Draw an outside circle: break down the goal into the tasks that you will need to accomplish to achieve it; c) Draw spokes: from each mini circle, write out each aspect you want to consider. d) Allow space to flesh it out. 

Step 5: Ask yourself the three W's.

Identify a vital path in order to define the most essential steps that need to happen for your goal to materalise. 

1. What do I want?

2. Why do I want it?

3. When do I want to achieve it by?

Step 6: Vision board

Imprint your brain with your goals. Collate images and words on an A4 piece of paper and laminate it. Carry around in a bag or keep in drawer in your desk or by your bed to look at often. Or as wallpaper on your screensaver, iPad or iPhone.

Step 7: Don't quit - make it happen!

Begin with the action that scares you most. It makes the rest of them so much easier to accomplish. Don't analyse or debate, just do it. Remember the only way to overcome fear is to walk through it.

I urge you to get clear on what you want, how you will make it happen and go for it. 

I hope this has been insightful and helpful and it’s left you feeling motivated and inspired. 


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