"Seven reasons why I would not benefit from seeing a Life Coach"

On occasion, there can be some confusion between the concept of Life Coaching and other talking therapies, such as counselling. When emotional Wellbeing Coaches explain that they can help with those situations in life that affect their clients' emotional well being, they may sometimes be met with negative responses. Here are some of the excuses that individuals may have that prevent them from seeking help;

  • ‘What is a Life Coaching?’ (I don’t need counselling!)
  • ‘People like us do not need life coaching!’ (It’s only for people who can afford it!)
  • ‘I’ve been in my job for 35 years - it’s too late to change now!'  (I hate my job but it’s too late to change now!)
  • ‘I sort my own problems out!’ (Can’t admit that I have a problem!)
  • ‘I don’t need to make changes!’ (Even though I’m unhappy I don’t want leave my comfort zone!)
  • ‘What is the point of setting goals - I never achieve them.’ (I feel like a failure!)
  • ‘I don’t have any mental health issues so why do I need to see an emotional well being coach?’ (I can’t admit that I may be feeling depressed due to current life circumstances!).

People often feel stuck in a rut and can’t seem to see a way out. So if you think of emotional health as a continuum -

Poor 0----------------------------------------------------------------10 good emotional health

then you can see how life experiences such as relationship break-ups, divorce, redundancy, poor work/life balance can  influence where you are on the continuum.

Looking after your emotional health is important, and so is feeling in control of your emotions and keeping your stress levels down. Talking about things that are important to you is the first step. If you don’t have a clear picture of where you are going in life then an emotional well being coaching will benefit you.

Being emotionally healthy means that you have the ability to make positive changes and will be able to visualise the future that you really want. Having the ability and confidence is what you need to make changes. 

Most people look for positive change, but in their busy lives they can find it difficult to take the necessary steps to make that change. Therefore, what the life coaching process does is allow them to stop everything that they are doing and take a closer look at their lives; evaluate what they want and check which direction they would  like to go.

A commonly recurring problem is that many people feel stuck in some aspect of their life which is affecting their emotional wellbeing. They then feel unable to make positive changes that are needed to improve their lives. An emotional well being coach will help people explore what the problem is by looking at different life areas and how they are impacting on each other. The coach can help them uncover the core of the problem and discover their own solutions which bring back balance into their lives.

Everyone has the personal resources to succeed. I have always believed that by focusing on your emotional wellbeing you will begin to develop the inner strength, resilience and self esteem to cope with life’s problems and make the most of life’s opportunities.

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Faversham, Kent, ME13 7BG
Written by Carol Macey, (formerly Ring) Life Coach and Author
Faversham, Kent, ME13 7BG

My name is Carol Macey and I am a life coach working in Faversham, Canterbury and the surrounding areas. You can think of me as a personal trainer for your mind – I will help you to build your strength and resilience, overcome ‘injuries’ and setbacks, and generally enhance your per...

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All coaches are verified professionals

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