Self-Coaching for Health

What could the benefits of self-coaching on health and wellbeing be? Well, it depends! It is really difficult to generalise how a self-coaching approach may help you as it depends on the topic, your goals and what you will choose to do - however there may be some general themes that can be useful.

Coaching involves listening and asking questions, and an effective coach builds presence and trust with the client. For a self-coaching approach, a focus on some potential useful questions for reflection and a way to bring you into the moment, open, curious and aware of your feelings and thoughts can bring tremendous benefits.

Self-coaching brings clarity. Take a few moments to reflect on these questions. Write them down or record your answers.

To have better Health and to be really “Well” -

  • What would I like to happen next?
  • What is the most important thing for me to do now?
  • What will make the biggest difference?
  • What will be really different when I have changed?

Self-coaching brings awareness and possibilities. Here are some questions that might help you identify options and bring new possibilities.
To improve my Health and Wellbeing -

  • What is the very first step?
  • Think of someone you respect and consider what advice would they give you - what would this be?
  • What are your strengths that might help?
  • What would be useful now?

Self-coaching brings action and change. Some further questions to consider;
For best Health & Wellbeing for me and my family -

  • What will I do differently from today?
  • How will I hold myself accountable?
  • What has changed within me now?
  • How can I use that to be “well”?
  • Where can I find the support I wish to have?

However, having the questions for effective self-coaching might not be the whole story. Finding the right state of mind to be truly open and reflective and be mindful of what is real prepares the foundations for change. Practising being present and grounded in the now also creates possibilities that you may not have been aware of otherwise.

Wondering how to prepare for self-coaching? Well, practise taking 10 breaths with each count being a cycle of breathing in and then out. See what happens when you practise bringing the mind to the breath as you count. If your mind wanders, which it will probably do more than a few times, just keep bringing it back to the breath. Then try 20 breaths, or even 5; see what works for you to prepare the ground to be open and curious of what might be possible.

A self-coaching practice therefore can also bring mindful foundations to create awareness and possibility and presence for everyday life.

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