Ready to tackle life in 2013?

If you have decided on your New Year resolutions, that's great. Maintaining the momentum in the coming months is harder though, especially if you've tried them before.

The easy answer is to not force yourself to do things you don't want to, now or in a month or two. You have to want to make the changes - they have to mean something to you, and have clear outcomes that will benefit you before you can start them - and then continue.

Starting small helps - just a small step each day towards your goal. 

Setting a Clear Goal

Specific so you know exactly what you want, not just a vague 'happy' or 'rich' - what does that mean for you?

Measurable - how do you know you are making progress or when you get there?

Achievable - simple, slow and manageable steps are easier to manage. It's OK to delay a little without beating yourself up - that way you can maintain your progress in future too

Realistic means within your means - within your reach, in reality. Not a dream or hope but something you could achieve with the right steps and support.

Targeted - a set date to work to. That's how your brain works - it needs something to aim for. Then, in the background whilst you get on with your daily routines, it will spot opportunities for you and motivate you to achieve the task you set yourself. Really. It does work!

Targets have to be a little flexible - not too close, and not too far away. If you haven't quite achieved the outcome of your action plan then move it up a little - a day or week ahead perhaps, to cater for what life throws out as obstacles, problems to solve and more learning opportunities at every turn!

Step back. Re-group. Start again - but each day, one step closer to your goal! Take a deep breath. Give yourself some breathing space, and thinking space then move on again.

New Year's resolutions with another name - hopes, dreams, ideals - and with timescales these become your goals! Change your mindset. Work on what you need. Keep moving every day, all year long.

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