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The exams are approaching, are you feeling stressed? Not sure what to do about your revision? Is your child or someone you know getting nervous about setting up their exams? Would you like some tips to help them focus and make the best out of their time? Here are some practical tips to help you get revising and have control.

1. Decide on the goal. Short-term goal, e.g your perfect desired grades. Long term goal, e.g university, job, future.

2. Put yourself in charge. Take on the responsibility of achieving your goal. Nobody else can achieve it, but you. The sooner you realise this, the closer you are to reaching your goal.

3. Set yourself specific tasks. with defined deadlines. E.g read this many chapters by this date.

4. 'Fun Time' In between each of these tasks schedule for yourself something that you enjoy. Do something to up your mood at least once a day.

5. Set the Environment. Find a suitable spot for revision. Quiet, comfortable, good lighting, aired.

6.Revision Slots. Don't revise for more than a continuous 30 mins, get up and move about in between each 30 min slot.

7. Reward yourself. after finishing each of the tasks you've set yourself. E.g eat something you like, or produce a list of what you have achieved/finished in big bright writing and put it somewhere you can see it.

8. Boost your Brain Power. Make sure you're eating a well balanced diet as it boosts your brain power. Oily fish, whole grain food, tomatoes, broccoli.

9. Remember Effectively. If there's something you're finding difficult to remember, write it out big on a poster and hang it up in a high place in your room.

10. Start Right. Always start revising with something you enjoy, or at least something you don't hate!

11. Discuss. If there's something you want to stick in your head, discuss it with someone. If there's nobody at home, try calling a friend but set a certain time for the phone call so you don't waste time.

12. A Time for Distractions. Allocate a certain time of the day for social networking, e.g Facebook, twitter, texting... And don't exceed the allocated time!

13. Ask for help if you need it.

14. Count Achievements. Keep counting and celebrating your achievements. If at any point you feel like your revision isn't getting you anywhere, you can always look at the list of your achievements for reassurance.

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Windsor, SL4
Written by Samia Hassan, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist
Windsor, SL4

I believe in you. You already have the ability to achieve anything you want, and I am here to guide you along the way, and to help you achieve your fullest potential. My role is to take your hand and discover the amazing resources you have within you, polish them and utilise them for your best inter...

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