Ready for a ride?

Have you ever cycled at night? Do you remember the feeling? Anything can happen; in fact, you experience life like a rider cycling in the night. You can hardly see anything. You are on a journey with no clear path. As life goes on, you meet many other riders, noticing that each one has a differently equipped bike.

It seems like certain people are more prepared than others to face the journey ahead. You also notice that you can collect items to orient yourself, make your bike faster, stronger, funnier. However, this is only possible if you remove a hand from your handle to catch items.

Here are my questions:

  • How do you want to ride your life?
  • Do you want to be free?
  • Be safe?
  • Ride fast?
  • Feel scared?
  • How many gears do you have on your bike? Having only one will make it harder to climb – whereas multiple gears will help you climb higher.
  • How often do you ride with one hand, or even with none? Safety versus risks. 

Each rider has the potential to enjoy their ride with little or no equipment. This is a personal choice. Riders may decide to be super equipped and quickly reach their desired destination, others will wander for years in the night before equipping themselves properly. There is no right or wrong.

I believe you have an inner force pushing you to embrace your growth. A deep willingness to make the best of your journey. In fact, when this growth is not given sufficient space to exist, you numb your unique inner voice. From there you turn yourself to the outside world, looking for answers. You observe all the other riders and forget about your own journey. And you wake up 10 years later not realising that you have been following followers! The reality is that there is only one rider like you amongst billions.

A unique rider with a unique path

Let’s face it, your presence on this planet was unlikely. A very specific egg was hit by one of approx. 40 million sperm cells; this event happened at a precise moment and was the beginning of who you are. What a mind-blowing start!

This was no accident, random luck, pure chance, or strange coincidence. Life called you and you have responded. You are the chosen one. You won your ticket to ride life!

From the first days of your conception, you began assembling cells, building a team, growing stronger and stronger. Adult, you manage a team of approx. 50 trillion cells partnering every day. More than 5,000 times the Earth’s population. That makes you someone very powerful!

Have no doubts, you are in command of the biggest team ever constituted in sports history. Your Body is a living world. It is sophisticated and resourceful.

Cells have many different jobs to do and are designed perfectly to perform their task. Each cell is a living unit able to reproduce. Approximately 96 million new cells are created every minute. It means that you have created a few million cells as you were reading this sentence. There is no break time for your body.

Your body includes 206 bones and 640 muscles; you activate 200 muscles at every step. Each one working perfectly with the others to achieve what you command. A great team, I tell you!

Furthermore, your body is perfectly wired to connect with your environment. About 200,000 temperature detectors and 500,000 touch detectors, your nose can remember 50,000 different scents, while your eyes can see 10 million colours - if your eye was a digital camera it would have 576 megapixels!

The power within you

This body is so amazing that scientists comprehend only a fraction of what is it capable of. Evidence suggests that in times of crisis, danger, or fear, some people can temporarily exercise superhuman strength also called 'hysterical strength.' All this power is released without consciously thinking you can attain such results.

These extraordinary abilities are offered to you. How will you make the most of them?

While your body expresses total uniqueness; people may feel more secure to be like others... How can you expand from a unique appearance to be a unique being? Being you requires by nature to be different from everyone else. Showing your uniqueness means appearing as you are, letting your inner voice fly.

Often high performers experience lots of setbacks and things did not always go as expected. Am I equipped to go where I want to go? Am I enjoying the ride? High performers notice how tuned they are with themselves. They listen to their inner voice and they embrace their uniqueness, they trust their inner abilities, they want to learn and grow, they have a positive outlook on what life has in store for them. They harness the power of their mind, body, heart and spirit through daily practices. They are full-on riders making the best of their life.

How about you?

Are you ready for a full-on ride?

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