Reprogamming your life

Unwittingly we decrease and limit our lives through not knowing. We cannot know what we have no experience or knowledge of. Our reality is formed from what we have experienced in our lives and when we can break free from this framework, we can change our lives and bring new things into our lives.

We hold onto things, have belief patterns, learned behaviours and perceptions, which might keep us in one place. In other words the body-mind energy organism has a lot of programming that we need to get beyond. ‘Energy follows thought’ and thoughts are things. You can become renewed and NLP is a powerful tool for this process. As you expand your energy all begins to work. Like a snake sloughing we go beyond in flow to something new.

Scientists such as Newton or Einstein, great philosophers and thinkers, have paved the way and our modern great researchers are unravelling fantastic information all the time. Our consciousness is capable of so much more than the average person knows.

We have clocks, can tell the time, make plans and dates according to our knowledge of time, but what if there something of great importance that we were overlooking? It is suggested that time as we know it does not exist. Photons can go either backwards or forwards. Going forwards is an advanced wave and going backwards is a retarded wave. Where these come together is the present moment, or current time. Our mind is said to be a time machine that we can control.

Our bodies consist of high-energy photons. There are patterns or waves of interference which can be collapsed. Sometimes you may feel and sense this occurring.

Change comes from freeing up and a lack of a particular desired outcome. We allow something else and the perceived problem has a chance to dissipate. The less you do the more power you are able to access. In order to have a result, let go of thinking you are the problem solver. This lets you access what you would not usually have, be or do. This is about focussing in a different way.

With NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming we can change past situations and memories etc. (Strange as it may sound to say, pain, illness and certain thoughts can be a habit). It is about almost
tricking the mind.

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