Positive thoughts produce positive actions.

Do you have a positive outlook on life? A sort of: 'If you think you can, you can,' attitude? Or is your mindset more like: 'I can't do certain things because I am-too old, not clever, confident or rich enough?'

Unfortunately, if you identify with the latter, such examples of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviour patterns can become your reality and you end up believing in the existence of obstacles which may just be the result of your imagination working overtime with the fear of the unknown.

However, it IS possible to change your way of thinking so that you achieve more positive results in any area of your life.

Remember that 'old habits die hard' so you will need to practice the following on a regular basis!

Positive action 1 - Identify your patterns of behaviour.
You can do this by asking your friends, whose honesty you trust, and by writing down your thoughts in a daily diary.

Positive action 2 - Do something positive rather than agonising over a situation.
By doing this you will feel more in control. It is often the pre-anxiety that turns out to be worse than the actual thing you are worrying about.

Positive action 3 - Accept offers of help.
No one can deal single-handedly with everything in life. If you struggle to accept offers of help remember that you will also be helping the other person to feel that they are of some use.

Positive action 4 - Get out of your comfort zone.
Challenge yourself by doing something you would not normally do. Remind yourself of other challenges you have confronted in the past and how you felt afterwards.

Positive action 5 - Re-train your brain for three weeks.
It is said that it takes just three weeks for a new habit to replace old, less worthwhile habits. This isn't long compared to a lifetime of thinking and behaving in a way that hasn't done you any favours in the past!

Positive action 6 - Identify the underlying emotion.
Every time you have a negative thought or worry, ask yourself what you experience? Fear? Jealousy? Lack of confidence? Admit that you are afraid of change or success and do it anyway. The feeling of achievement afterwards will far outweigh the initial emotions you experienced.

So what will YOU do right now to create a difference to your life and make it a more positive place to be? One small step can and will make a big difference!

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