Overcoming unhelpful emotions

From time to time emotions can become a challenge to us. What can we do about this? How do we recognise them?

Do you identify with any of the following symptoms?

  • a feeling of sadness

  • feelings of anger

  • feelings of rejection

  • feeling unworthy/worthless

  • a feeling of life all being too much

  • feelings of not being able to cope

  • feeling fearful

  • a feeling of being down.

Any of these can make you feel somewhat out of who you know you are and disassociated from those around you. It may be hard to be as you would like to be, that normal happy loving person.

Perhaps you have been plagued by some of the listed emotions for a long time.

Just knowing that emotions are not who we really are is helpful. Also, the reason why they are there.

Babies we expect to be free of emotions when they are born. Reflex actions govern who they are. As time goes on anything that happens in their environment will have an impact on their system and becomes remembered by their cellular structure.

Negative experiences cling to us, are contained in the water of our bodies which is some 70% or more. It has been proved that water crystals in a lovely environment are beautiful whilst those in an inharmonious place are poorly shaped and distorted.

Life exists from love and connection to the whole. When affected by any trauma our whole being is affected. Similarly the opposite is true.

There are different ways to help and sometimes a collection of ways may be needed.

Happiness comes from the heart and unhappiness creates problems of many sorts and creates dis-ease –the body is uneasy so disease appears, and poor health. Different negative emotions create different health problems. Getting away from story and learning to be in the now, the present, is the answer.

We are not just a physical body but have other layers and these hold our emotions which if not sorted, create problems in the body.

We can trick the body and mind out of what it believes to be true or has memorised. This can be done with colour or visualisation where something is seen as a shape and is dispelled from the body.

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