One thing everybody wants...

With the rise of technology and the ever changing way we interact with each other, the one thing that everybody wants is ...(drum roll, please)... YOUR ATTENTION.

And here's why.

Have you ever found yourself searching for a video on YouTube, half an hour and twenty cute animal videos later, (cue U2 music) you still haven't found what you've been looking for?

Well, this is an example of your attention being 'stolen'. Don't feel like a failure, it's what we're up against in this world today. Especially from clever marketers that want to sell a product and the rise of 'click porn'.

The truth is simple - something had caught your attention and it pulled you away from your task. This can happen consistently and especially online, with so much to see, do, listen to and get involved in.

So, what can you do to protect your attention, and stop wasting time doing what you hadn't planned to do?

Well, it's all about awareness. Gain back your control by being aware of what you are doing in the moments of your life. So, for instance when surfing the internet, start by writing down the task you need to complete on a piece of paper, e.g. buy a dress for Alice's wedding. Then get right to it.

Be aware of articles, ads, pop-ups and diversions to other sites that are taking you off track. Add them to a reading list or bookmark the page, if you have to. Take a deep breath and start again. 

Gain awareness and take your attention back to the task at hand.

Being in control of your attention can be the single most important factor in changing your life. After all, it's in these precious moments of focus that you decide to send a loving text, reach out to hold somebody's hand, quit your job, buy a product, get the job done, say 'I will', press play, press stop, say yes or say no. 

How will you use your attention to change your life?

I'd like to say a massive thank you for your attention and it's an honour to connect with you. I really hope that reading this article will move your life forward, gain awareness of your attention and, get you back on track to what it was, you were actually meant to be doing before you started reading this. Unless you actually meant to read this, of course! 

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Hitchin SG4 & London WC2B
Written by Michelle Thole, IAPC&M Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC)
Hitchin SG4 & London WC2B

Michelle is an accredited life coach with the IIC&M, specialising in high-performance mindset and confidence for creatives and performers. A trained facilitator working with an array of big companies - presentation skills, culture change and leadership. Her inspirational personality, energy, and devotion to her profession are unparalleled.

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