New year, new you or an enhanced version?

It's that time of year again where most of us reflect on the past year - what's gone well, what would I have done differently. The main thing is we don't have any regrets just learning...

Then dive into a brand new year.

Do you want it to be the same as last year or make some fundamental shifts? It’s important when thinking about goals, resolutions, changing old habits that you and the people you work or live with are aligned and congruent. That you take responsibility in a ‘kind way to yourself’ and make your dreams come true.

Do you ever say 'I am going to achieve x this year' yet part of you whether consciously or subconsciously has others ideas resulting in internal conflict? This can be colluding and colliding beliefs. Willpower can come into it but it's not the easiest and most effective way to achieve goals.

Why not make life easier by gaining alignment, this way it makes the goal easier to achieve your goals whether it's within yourself or externally with others. The way to do this is by understanding consciously and subconsciously what both parts want and get them working together on one goal or removing one of the thoughts/parts if it’s not serving you well.

We all want to feel personally aligned within ourselves, the same applies to relationships and teams. Often I have the same dilemmas and discuss with my team or coach so they can help me unblock the patterns and get totally aligned with my decisions and actions.

It often requires an outsider to come in and see all the dynamics at play – that has no other interest other than helping you be at your best, fully aligned and happy with your decisions. The result will be very empowering and freeing. Goals then become so much easier to achieve as we are clear on the why and how.

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