New Year – new you?

How often have you decided that everything is going to be different this year? The clock chimes twelve on new year's eve, and you feel a sense of renewal at the prospect of a new beginning. There is a sensation of anticipation over what the new year will bring!

And here lies the problem – we often think that a new year is going to bring us something. We can just sit back and watch it roll in the change. Naturally this change is also going to be for the better.

Unfortunately however, it doesn't often work out like that. Change requires conscious effort! Goals and new year's resolutions don't just happen on their own. They need buy in and commitment.

If you want to achieve something in 2014 – whether it is a new goal or something that has proved elusive in the past, take some time out to plan how you are going to do it.

  • Get a pen and paper and write down what it is you want to do. By just taking the action of writing it down, you have taken your intention out of your head and committed it to paper.  It exists as more than just a notion in your head.
  • Write down all the reasons that you want to achieve this thing.

  • How is this going to change your life?

  • What are the benefits of doing this thing?

  • How important is this to you?

  • What will happen if you don't do this thing?

  • Write down what you need to do to achieve this goal.

  • Write down the strategies you will use if your motivation starts to waver in your pursuit of this goal.

  • Write down how you will feel at twelve o'clock on 31st December 2014, having achieved what you set out to do the previous year.

  • Keep this note somewhere that you can easily refer to it. Read it frequently to keep in mind what you are aiming for, so that it doesn't get forgotten amongst other priorities.

Now you have a PLAN!

Now you can do the WORK and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Now you are set to achieve the success you are looking for in 2014!

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