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Many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and business people are fulfilled by their work and the richness of opportunities that follow; not simply because they are making lots of money, but because they started their enterprise with passion and purpose and most importantly were aligned with the desires of their hearts.

Founder of the Virgin empire, Sir Richard Branson is a prime example of how following your heart can help maintain passion, enthusiasm and facilitate a creative and lucrative expansion, which has also enabled him to use his wealth to support far reaching philanthropic endeavours.

"If you think 'how can I make lots of money, let's bring the accountants in, we'll work out the business plans,' it's just the wrong way around... It's got to be from your heart and do something you're passionate about, which is gonna be your hobby, and it's likely to be successful." Sir Richard Branson.

Research looking into the electrophysiological evidence of intuition suggests that the heart is an emotionally intelligent tool, one such study by McCraty et al (2004) successfully replicated previous research which involved participants being exposed to emotionally arousing and neutral stimuli on a monitor, whilst skin conductance and heart reactions were monitored.

Remarkably, results showed that heart rates significantly decelerated prior to future emotional stimuli compared with calm stimuli. This supports the theory that the heart responds to intuitive information, and is directly involved in processing information about a future emotional stimulus, seconds before the body experiences the stimulus.

Clearly the intelligence of our heart is something to embrace in all areas of our lives.

If you are starting a new business or job, here are some simple tips to help you maintain your heart connection and a passion for what you do:

1) Focus on service

Always ask yourself how you or your business will SERVE others?
How will your products or services help others for their greater good?
How will your actions in your new job benefit others?

2) Create your 'Heart Based Success Definition' (HBSD)

Brainstorm to define what success means for you and your job or business until it sits well within your heart. Creating a spider diagram can be a useful tool in helping you to discover the key components of your unique HBSD for your job or business.

Your HBSD will always align with your inner values and how you can serve others.

For example, If you are setting up as an accountant, perhaps your HBSD will incorporate your intent to focus on helping others gain peace of mind with their finances and in turn help others grow their own businesses with confidence. Perhaps you intend to or already employ people, and your HBSD will include ensuring the well-being of your employees; in that they feel supported and appreciated for what they do for you and your company.

3) Write out your HBSD

Write down your HBSD in the form of an INTENTION and put it somewhere where you will see it and be able to read it every day.

For example:

Example Accounting Services ltd's HBSD:

"Example Accounting Services ltd is a financially prosperous business which helps others achieve financial balance and harmony; contributing to the prosperity of many individuals and their businesses. Staff feel appreciated and rewarded for their contribution to the company's success."

4) Absorb your HBSD

Take the time to read your HBSD every day... when you read it, really connect with your heart whilst doing so; visualise something positive that will only be happening because of you doing your work.

5) Modify your HBSD

As time goes on, you may feel the need to modify or change your HBSD to align with your own development and life experience. Each time you modify your HBSD remember to focus on service and really take the time to imagine how your new goals will have positive ripple effects throughout your community, your workplace, your country and beyond.... the wider whole.

Wishing you all authentic heart based success.


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