So you have created great inspirational goals and have mapped out your action plans for 2013 and made adjustments to who you need to be to succeed. What else do you need? Motivation! Why is it not enough to want and desire success and for that alone to result in achieving your goals? 

You’ll need continuous commitment and motivation when the tasks that take you closer to your goals are perhaps routine, dull, or just plain mundane. What’s the answer to motivation and the ability to keep going towards your goals? Passion, enthusiasm, Persistence, Purpose and vision – to name a few!

A classic and historical example of maintaining vision and persistence in its extreme is the late, great Inventor Thomas Edison. He allegedly took 10,000 attempts to invent the electric light bulb and he himself describes the 10,000 times as successfully discovering alternative ways that didn’t work and thus taking him closer to his goal.  He is quoted to say “why would I give up, success was in my grasp”.

Persistence and maintaining his vision were definitely the main keys to Edison’s success. However, his success was also attributed to him trying different ways of getting to the right answer. It wasn’t about doing the same thing over and over again. To quote an old adage with a spin, if at first you don’t succeed, try another way!

So ensure your vision is specific and measurable, emotional and inspirational. Paint a very clear and detailed picture of your vision and keep this in your sights when the going gets tough.    

Invest in You!

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